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Hugh Laurie Speaks on Virus


Hugh Laurie was imagining what Dr. House would have said about the Coronavirus and has decided to share it in a news story.

While the House series ended long before the coronavirus pandemic Laurie was thinking about how the series would have handled this pandemic. He went on record saying that while he cannot speak the words as clever as House would have come up with, he feels that House would be interesting in solving the virus rather than solely treating people.

Hugh Laurie played house for eight years and then went on to appear in other TV sitcoms. Before thinking about House would have done with this pandemic Laurie celebrated the work that is being performed by the essential workers and how they are continuing to perform services to people and help them. Laurie is also encouraging people to stay have. He has gone on record and stated that this was an epidemic and to solve it people need to stay home and use social distancing.

Laurie is continuing to show his respect for the essential workers and the jobs that they still need to do. He stated that went this is all over and people can return to some form of normal that the healthcare workers, post office employees, those in trucking and shipping, farmers, grocery store workers, maintenance people, teachers, firefighters, police, and those that work in similar professions should get a bottle of something nice. Well, if the bottle thing does not work out they should get a big thank you from the public. He went on to say that these workers should get decent pay and better working conditions. Personal protective gear is always appreciated and he figured that most people had a general idea of what he was talking about and the respect he has for these workers.

Being in the entertainment business Hugh Laurie is looking to give people words of encouragement. He stated that if everyone workers together and they keep positive thoughts that things will work out. He understands that staying at home and social distancing from friends and family is difficult. The most difficult part of this is being away from loved ones. He can imagine the faces of children looking at their grandparents and wondering why they cannot hug them. He also wants the public to know just because things may be a little hard right now that they will get better. If everyone does their part things will turn out okay and this will end sooner than later.

Hugh Laurie is also experiencing social distancing. Any work in Hollywood is put on hold from the time being. He gave an interview an commented on what House would do from this home. He stated that there are other ways to reach people besides just in person. He feels that House would be working for a cure and he would be yelling at people that did not have serious medical emergencies to stay home and get out of his exam room.

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