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You may know Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House from the hit TV series House that ran from 2004 to 2012. The show was a thriller loved by many, and from it, Hugh Laurie won multiple awards. Hugh has two Golden Globe awards and numerous other nominations and awards. Every episode, Dr. House is tasked with solving complicated medical mysteries that are not your run-of-the-mill toenail fungus and eczema. The hit TV show premiered in Fox in 2004 and lasted for eight seasons. So, where is Dr. Gregory House these days? In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, a late-night TV talk host, Hugh Laurie answered some questions about his career past and present. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the interview was made possible through video conferencing. He and Colbert can relate as to being TV show hosts.

The host was turning 56 on the day he interviewed the House star and asked him several burning questions. Stephen Colbert was straight to the point and asked Hugh what his best role in all his years of acting. Hugh Laurie was hesitant to answer the question as is with all other actors about their characters, but he eventually said that his favorite role was as Dr. Gregory House in House. Hugh, however, said that he never wants to be the star in a movie or series after House ended. He said that he got too used to being a star that he could not do things by himself. There was always someone to do something for him. After House ended, the people who used to serve him were no longer there, and he had to fend for himself.

He did not want to live life like that where he was served just because he played a significant role in television and made the decision never to want to star on TV again. He eventually learned that that was not the right attitude in life. He, therefore, is comfortable with other roles apart from being the star. Apart from House, Hugh Laurie also loved his role as Bertie Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster, but House wins the cake for him any day anytime. Apart from the stardom that House gave him, it also was the high point of his acting career. It also gave Hugh Laurie a sense of exhilarating adventure and his thanks to the production team for his role as Dr. Gregory House. In this role, Hugh also proved to be more than good, just like in his previous Tv show role.

Hugh Laurie has been looking into directing or producing, but before that, and he has been having a role in an HBO series called Avenue 5, where he plays as Ryan Clark. The set of the show had been involved in an accident involving fire. The show had been renewed for the second season, but first, they had to rebuild the set. The fire destroyed a spaceship and needed to be built again. With the world shutdown currently, Hugh and the production team will have to wait until the pandemic clears to continue with the show that stars Josh Gad.

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