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The Latest News on Hugh Laurie


Hugh Laurie was born in the year 1959. He is an English actor, author, director, comedian, musician, and singer. He is renowned for the role and character he played in the drama series ‘House’ aired between 2004 and 2012. The role earned him two golden globe awards and nominations for other prizes.

The ‘House’ role

Hugh Laurie has come out and named his role at the House drama series as the best and favorite of all. On May 14, 2020, he said that the role he played in House was his best role in acting so far. He was saying this in The Late Show, which is hosted by Stephen Colbert on Wednesdays. Colbert, whose birthday had taken place a day earlier, challenged Laurie to give his favorite role in any drama series or movie. Laurie responded with affirmation that it had to be the House. He, however, said that was a difficult question for him since he loved all the title characters he has played in, and it’s his job as an actor to love them all.

Laurie gave some special mention for his character in other series but finally settled on the House role. He felt that House was the most breath-taking of all the adventures he had been through in the acting industry. To him, the House role was a fantastic experience that made him feel very lucky to have been part of. The drama series had a run of eight seasons from 2004 through to 2012 on fox. When the show was nearing its season finale, Laurie had hinted to the Daily record about his decision that after the show, he will not be starring in a different TV series. He went on to say that he has been spoilt for choice at that moment and couldn’t imagine that there will be another TV show like that. He was to be more interested in writing, directing, or producing but not acting.

The Avenue 5

Hugh Laurie is now back on TV in the Avenue 5 series as Ryan Clark. The series is being aired on the HBO. Speaking on Colbert’s show, he said that the season 2 of Avenue 5 had been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well as a fire on set. He noted that it was a terrible misfortune that hit them in 2019 when a big fired burned down everything, and they lost their spaceship as a result. They would have to build again this year, but it is something they cannot do at the moment.

The Remote Birthday Surprise

Stephen Colbert, the Host of The Late Show, had his birthday on Wednesday, and Hugh Laurie came up with the perfect way to celebrate it. The star who was on the show sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Colbert with a cake and a candle in it held up. He went on to make it more special by making Colbert blow out the candle from across the video stream with the assistance of simple and special effects. He voiced his thoughts on how people tend to handle special effects like they are complicated, while in the real sense, they are not.

Stephen Colbert was celebrating his 56th birthday when Hugh Laurie gave him a special remote birthday surprise.

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