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Upcoming Media Projects For Hugh Laurie


One of Hugh Laurie’s recent television projects that the actor has worked on is known as the HBO hit Avenue 5. In this series Laurie plays Ryan Clark, the captain role of a space cruise ship. There have already been several episodes released for season 1 of Avenue 5 and now HBO has announced that because of the popularity surrounding the first season, they will go ahead with a season 2 for the show. It has been receiving great reviews and it is an original and entertaining role for Laurie to play, different from others that you might already be familiar with. One of the most common roles Laurie is remembered for is his Dr. House role.

What Is His Favorite Role?

Is Avenue 5 Laurie’s favorite role that he has ever played? Perhaps not. That’s because he was recently interviewed on the Stephen Colbert late show and he admitted that Dr. House was actually one of his all time favorite rolls in his entire career to have played. Laurie referred to that role as being one of his most thrilling adventure to experience to date, but who knows what the future of Avenue 5 might have in store for him.

Although Dr. House might have been one of his most memorable or entertaining experiences to go through, that doesn’t mean that he does not love many other roles that he has played before. Hugh Laurie admits in that recent Stephen Colbert interview from The Late Show that he sees it as being a part of his job to somewhat love each role in its own way, at least partly. So he has love for other roles he has played before.

Future Projects To Come

Another project that Laurie has yet to be released is The Canterville Ghost where he plays the Grim Reaper, in a film that also stars Freddie Highmore and Imelda Staunton, among others.

Every once in awhile an actor might get lucky with a legendary and unforgettable role and for Laurie he has already achieved quite a roster of credits for amazing films and media projects that he has worked on.

What Has Laurie Been Doing During Quarantine?

In his recent interview with Colbert, Laurie admitted that he had been staying just outside of London while in quarantine and admits that he has been in a very lucky situation throughout this entire ordeal. Laurie admitted that he does not think that the restrictions during quaratine have been too difficult, and he even took the time to sing Colbert Happy Birthday during the recent interview. If you are a fan of Hugh Laurie and want to see him in an upcoming media project then you will have to keep an eye out for his upcoming projects to drop. That is going to mean putting in the time to wait likely until next year to see HBO season 2 of Avenue 5, or wait to catch The Canterville Ghost.

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