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What happened to Hugh Laurie?


We all miss the incredible DR. Gregory House, played by Hugh Laurie, from the TV show House. Yes, it’s now turning eight years since the show ended its run, it seems just like yesterday to most fans of the show. For eight years running, Hugh Laurie graced our screens and earned the well-deserved international recognition.

Did you know that House was the most-watched show in 2008? Laurie went on to earn recognition as the most-watched man on TV by the Guinness World Records. Despite all this success, he has proven not to be a fan of the limelight. Since the House TV show came to an end, we have not seen much of our favorite TV star. This leaves the question, what happened to Hugh Laurie?

1. He needed a routine change

When you work the same job for several years, it is bound to get monotonous. What most people seem to forget is the fact that a lot of work is put into creating TV shows. It’s not all about dressing up for pictures and red carpet events or rubbing elbows with famous people during cocktail parties. Acting is a lot of work that is never exciting and glamorous at all times.

Hugh Laurie needs time to sit back and relax a little bit before venturing back into the acting world. Hopefully, he will soon feel ready to start something new soon. It is a much-needed break if you ask me, considering the show lasted for eight years.

2. He needed family time

According to Hugh Laurie, he missed several dentists’ appointments and bath times due to his commitment to House. He went further to explain to The Telegraph that the issue isn’t unique to just actors. According to our favorite TV personality, every working person misses a lot of family time due to work commitments,

Understand that while Laurie is British, House was filmed in Los Angeles. This meant that he needed to be in LA for nine months every year. This puts him about 6,000 miles from his three kids and wife. Although they debated whether the entire family should relocate to LA, he and his wife felt that they shouldn’t take their kids out of school.

3. He has been creating music

Yes, Hugh Laurie has not showcased our screen much after House, but this does not mean that he hasn’t been working. Did you know that Laurie is a talented blues magician? According to Laurie, he loves making music more than acting. Who expected this?

Laurie released his first album entitled ‘Let Them Talk’ in 2011, which was very successful. In 2013 he launched his second album ‘Didn’t It Rain.’ In an interview with the Guardian, Laurie stated that music takes over his entire body in a different way than acting couldn’t.


We all miss DR. Gregory House, but that is something that we have to come to terms with. The good news, however, is that there is always a chance that Hugh Laurie will grace our screens soon.

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